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Online B.A. in Digital Marketing: Curriculum

Curriculum Details

120 Total Credits Required

The online digital marketing degree is designed to give you real-world technical skills through interactive, project-based coursework. Taught by professionals with experience driving business growth through digital marketing campaigns, our 120-credit program will prepare you to master tools in the field that will give you a competitive edge in the job market.

Courses explore consumer behavior and the application of data analysis to ensure you graduate ready to improve the way businesses reach new audiences in digital spaces. Our curriculum uses project-concentrated coursework and a final capstone, so you’ll graduate with a comprehensive portfolio tailored to highlight the digital marketing skills you’ve gained throughout the program. Additionally, the program features a unique partnership with the Lower Cost Models for Independent Colleges Consortium (LCMC), which gives students enrolled in the program the opportunity to learn outside-the-box marketing strategies from industry-proven leaders across the country.

Required Courses

Learn how to manage for success by examining the effects of human behavior on teams and organizations. Examine foundational theories and applications for motivation, leadership, team building, and change management that shape organizational culture.

Learn what it means to be an entrepreneur while exploring foundational concepts in management, marketing, economics, and finance/accounting. Create a full business plan for a small business in class, making daily decisions about the business in a dynamic environment.

This course examines the administrative and common law regulation of business. Constitutional Law, Title VII and product liability are covered. Students also examine contract law and the Uniform Commercial Code provisions on sales and secured transactions.

Explore the fundamental concepts of accounting and finance within an organizational context, including terminology, financial statements, ratio analysis, budgeting, time value of money, along with ethical and global considerations. Apply standard financial and accounting tools to make business assessments and financial decisions important for managers in any organization.

Develop skills for effective integrated marketing and business strategy to create innovate and sustained competitive advantage in the digital economy. Learn to ethically apply these insights for business growth to advance strategy. Students explore international marketing perspectives emphasizing future trends while examining the current market environment and marketing strategy elements.

Learn to analyze data and make predictions using tools like probability analysis, hypothesis testing, regression analysis, linear programming and tools for financial analysis. Structured and unstructured data will be examined through data mining, web mining, text mining and sentiment analysis.

Learn the framework and techniques to systematize innovation taking advantage of emerging opportunities. Develop an understanding for how innovation affects the deployment of resources fulfilling customer desires. Examine the underlying dynamics, culture, and change within an organizational context and its interrelated systems. (Prerequisites: Minimum grade of C- in MKM 386)

Explore competencies in advertising, PR, sales promotion, and marketing through analyzing their strengths and weaknesses. Gain skills in strategy development and planning while concentrating on incorporating targets, timing, and message strategies with a U.S. and global perspective. Develop authentic communication skills to ethically advance organizational strategy. (Prerequisites: Minimum grade of C- in MKM 386)

Learn to analyze, develop, implement, and evaluate communication strategies in the new media landscape where traditional channels and online social media co-exist. Explore digital, mobile, and social media, how to build digital media marketing strategies and track their effectiveness to increase shareholder value. Consideration will also be given to ethical issues associated with online privacy and security. (Prerequisites: Minimum grade of C- in MKM 386)

Examine management interaction and leadership in the world’s largest industry by identifying and addressing growth strategies. Develop key management concepts and techniques to support workplace efficiency and productivity to ethically drive the industry through winning customer experiences. (Prerequisites: Minimum grade of C- in MKM 386)

Examine the interaction between business and market strategy to create innovative and sustained competitive advantage. Explore the foundation, processes, outcomes, and state of market strategy within the general framework of the firm. Utilize skills to complete a business plan as the program’s capstone. (Prerequisites: Minimum grade of C- in MKM 450, MKM 452, MKM 454, and MKM 456)

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